Recovery Coaching

What is a Recovery Coach?

Recovery Coaches work with people affected by substance use disorders. Studies have shown that trained peers with shared experiences have a higher success rate at engaging individuals in need of help.  Recovery Coaches work with people on all paths to recovery. They don’t diagnose or treat addiction or other mental health issues. Recovery coaching focuses on the future. It does not explore past feelings or trauma. Coaches help with making decisions and plans towards recovery that will improve lives, one step at a time. Coaches help people consider solutions to problems caused by substance use, help develop plans to solve them, and provide support in following through.

Our Recovery Coaches

C.L.E.A.R. Recovery Coaches are managed by the Center for Prevention & Counseling and trained in the CCAR Recovery Coach Academy©.

Our peer Recovery Coaches are in long-term recovery from substance use disorders and serve as personal guides and mentors for people seeking recovery by providing peer-to-peer support, assistance in connecting to treatment and follow up contact. 

Our family Recovery Coaches have all been affected by a loved one’s substance use disorder and can offer services to friends and family members in order to help them maintain a positive trajectory for themselves as well as for their loved one.

Get involved!

Are You…
Ready to help people find recovery? Prepared to Make a Difference and Reach out to the Community? Responsible?

If you are in long-term recovery from a substance use disorder, and would like to volunteer, please apply.  Applicants must participate in an interview and undergo a background check to be considered.

Recovery Coach Application