February 2017

I brought someone in for the C.L.E.A.R. Program and I just wanted to say thank you so much to you and your team. So many people have a fear of police because of addiction and he was met with nothing but helpfulness and kindness and all out love. The program is just amazing and I want to thank you for bringing it to our area.

March 2017

I thought this photo of an Angel would be an appropriate way to convey the gratitude I have in my heart for the three of you and the C.L.E.A.R. Program. The definition of an angel is a spiritual being that serves as a messenger from God or a guardian sent by Him over beings.

The love, caring and acceptance that my daughter and I felt from you was a godsend. Your unwavering and persistent communication with [my daughter] is what kept her right where she needed to be to get the help she asked for. Most addicts have such a small window of time to accept help while in active addiction but many get so disillusioned by the roadblocks within the system that in no time at all they are back on that highway to hell. Instead she saw how you stayed with her, you treated her with value and dignity and fought on her behalf to get through the roadblocks. What a breath of fresh air to an addict who normally has such a stigma even by some family members.

Your caring hearts and efforts will certainly help heal our small corner of this world and hopefully will become a catalyst for other police department and programs to listen to the needs of the addiction community in order to create a safe haven now and a prevention model for future generations. A day at a time… and today is a good day!

Much gratitude

 March 2017

The C.L.E.A.R. program has been long overdue.  It’s a service that recognizes addiction as a disease and not just as criminal behavior.  The dedication of the people within the program was invaluable to my wife and I as we struggled with finding the help not only for our son but also ourselves.

Their availability to talk with us regarding issues we were facing was incredible.  Each time we contacted someone for support, they were willing to take the time to provide it and never made us feel we were a burden to them.  This is true from the Byram Township Patrolman who first told us of the program, the Newton Police Chief Richards, the [family Recovery Coaches] at The Center and [the Recovery Coach]  who was phenomenal in her efforts to find a rehab for our son to get into.

It is truly through the grace of God and the dedication of the people working in the C.L.E.A.R. program that our son and anyone suffering from this disease is given an opportunity to live a long and productive life.  Thank God and all of the people working in the C.L.E.A.R. program. 

July 2017

When I was asked to share my experience, strength and hope regarding the C.L.E.A.R. Program, I felt honored. Being able to have a safe place to go has been a huge part of my journey. Walking into the C.L.E.A.R. Program, I was heartbroken with so much fear of the unknown. I was greeted with a smile and open arms of people who truly cared. Grateful I could talk, get a hug or simply just sit and be still where I was understood. The C.L.E.A.R. Program and the incredible staff has made me a wiser woman today.

My daughter and I were excited for her to graduate high school with dreams of becoming an art teacher; laughing as she would rush to work. At the end of the day we would both smile, grateful for our bond. As she went to bed feeling safe and loved after a long hug, my heart felt at ease.

A few weeks later my daughter was in a car accident. As I held her hand so grateful she was alive, the doctor telling me what was in her system, and my daughters eyes told me everything. She wasn’t safe. My angel baby was dancing with the devil. I was paralyzed with fear of the unknown. As the days passed, I was grieving the girl I once knew. Dreams and goals my daughter had been excited about days ago were now put on hold. Within a day the withdrawals started and her whole way of being changed.

As she counted down the days until she turned 18, laughing and angry at the same time, I saw the emptiness in her eyes. She turned 18, left school and moved in with her boyfriend and family—a place drugs and abuse took over her days. I felt heartbroken, although determined not to give up on her. I am grateful for the knowledge I have, although powerless that this was the path she was walking. A lot of tough love, little interventions and reminding her she isn’t a bad person, but that her actions needed to change.

Today my daughter is in a long-term treatment center. For today she is safe and clean and I’m grateful to take this journey with her. To the staff, volunteers and all the people that have made the C.L.E.A.R. Program possible, I can’t thank you enough. I admire all your dedication and thriving to make a difference in the community. To speaking, educating and changing lives one day at a time, I am forever grateful. Always looking for more ways to give and open your hearts to others, the power of your voice brings change!

Thank you!